What to expect when you are in the Galapagos Island

The Galapagos Island is probably one of the most unique and exciting destinations around the world. From a birds-eye view, it seems that this group of islands is full of mystery. Now, let’s take a deeper look about the things you can expect in your journey to the Galapagos Island.

Upon your arrival at the Guayaquil airport, you can expect that your Boat Operator is already waiting for your trip with the traditional signage of your name. Your boat operator will take you to your cruise ship.

All of our luggage will undergo a strict quarantine inspection to ensure you are not bringing any items that can harm the fragile environment of the Galapagos Island. In some cases, the inspection can take long especially if you are bringing a lot of things with you. To ensure you are safe from authorities, make sure that you bring only the important things and leave personal belongings that may cause contamination to the Galapagos Island.

You need to purchase the transit control card for only $10 USD. You will be using this when going around the Galapagos Island.  

Unlike any other island trip, you will be treated like a VIP when you reach the Galapagos Island. Certain boat operators can actually provide a very comfortable VIP lounge where you can wait for their arrival. You can have your complimentary coffee or tea as well as have access to the internet, magazines, and newspapers. This makes the journey itself very entertaining.

When you board the plane in Quinto, you will first fly to Guayaquil for 1 hour and 30 minutes. When the plane needs t o refuel, you would have to remain in your seat. Some of the passengers may also disembark while the plane is on standby.

The government of the Galapagos Island is very sensitive and over-protective with its environment. So when you reach Galapagos Island, you will disinfect the plane first before allowing the passengers to disembark.

After you disembark in your ship, you need to take a bus to the harbour where a dinghy boat will be waiting for you. This is the only transportation available for you to transfer to the ship but don’t worry as it is entirely safe. Once you are aboard the cruise ship that is when your amazing journey begins!