Top Food to Try When You’re In Malaysia

The first and foremost thing you should know about Malaysian cuisines is that they are influenced by various cultures.  While Malaysians are very passionate about their food, most of their dishes are a bit like New York. Some of the dishes might not have originated from Malaysia, but they have found a home there.


Nasi lemak is the first of our main 10 nourishments to attempt in Malaysia since it’s the public dish and one of the primary you will run over.

Nasi lemak in a real sense signifies “greasy rice” due to the cooking cycle where rice is cooked in coconut milk with pandan leaves. It is generally served enclosed by a banana leaf, with ikan bilis (dried anchovies), sambal (a fiery sauce), bubbled egg and boiled peanuts.


Laksa certainly merited its own spot in our 10 nourishments to attempt in Malaysia. We went very loco for laksas in Malaysia.

Laksa is a delectable rich stock with noodles, finished off with an assortment of fixings relying upon the district. It is especially famous in Penang and Sarawak, each with their own variety.


Mee kolok is another strength from Kuching in Sarawak and a famous breakfast supper. It may very well be found that all things considered, sellers slows down all through the city. Mee kolok involves egg noodles, which are bubbled, stressed, blended with grease and finished off with a couple of cuts of dish pork.


Roti canai (articulated cha-nai) is one of the numerous Indian impacts in Malay food. It comprises flatbread (roti), presented with an assortment of yummy curries, generally dhal (lentils) and lamb/chicken.

In Malay the word canai signifies “to turn out mixture” – the batter typically contains loads of ghee (explained margarine), flour and water.