Planning a Vacation in Germany

Germany is one of the most-visited countries in the world.  Think about the colorful gardens, unique architectures, gypsies, and parades. Germany is a wonderful country that you need to visit.

However, like many other countries Germany has its own customs. So when researching for culture trips and other vacation ideas, it is always good to learn a bit about their local customs. Here are some things you need to learn before visiting Germany.


Germans like to play by the rules. So if you are visiting their country, you need to return the favor. When you visit Germany, make sure you follow the traffic rules. Wait for the traffic light to turn green  before crossing the streets. And if you want to go biking around the city, make sure you have a reflector on the front and rear.


Some underground terminals in Berlin don’t have security guards checking every person for their tickets. However, don’t mistake this as a free pass. Most ticket checkers simply wear civilian clothes with their identification cards. They can jump right at you and if you forgot to validate your ticket, you can be charged with €60 fine.


Always check your tickets for limits whenever you are travelling the city. Your ticket should be good for travelling specific zones and may not be valid in other zones. For example, there is a zoned ticket for you go to and from Schönefeld Airport in Berlin. If you want to go from the airport to the city centre, you will need another zoned ticket for that.


Germany is part of the green movement. The good thing about this place is that you get a reward when you recycle. Major supermarkets in Germany offer rewards program wherein you earn at least 25 cents for every empty bottle of water that you drop in their recycling centres.


Don’t be surprised if another person puffs his smoke in public. Smoking is literally allowed in Germany, most especially in bars and clubs. Although, non-smoking laws have been passed before, locals have found a way to disregard them. In the end, it could really be mean to reprimand some locals for smoking.

Germany is truly a great place to visit. Even so, you also need to follow certain rules to avoid issues and mishaps during your trip.