Norway Travel Spots

Norway is known as the “The happiest country” in the world as there is freedom, welfare, honesty, good health, and generosity all lies there. Norway is mesmerizing land as there is presence of majestic glaciers, deep and wide tunnels, heartwarming landscapes, truly enjoyable nightlife, stunning fjords, and a different beauty in all places. It is known as Land of the Midnight Sun. The country also offers the wide variety of accommodation, i.e. luxurious hotels and rooms.

Being from the Phoenix Arizona area, you can imagine the culture shock we experienced. A few of us went on a church trip recently to Norway, including some local business owners who were Phoenix bus drivers, Mesa tow truck drivers, Chandler school teachers, and so on.

We learned that Norway is also famous for world’s longest road tunnel which adds up the beauty of the place. The Tourist Attractions in Norway are:


Oslo is Norway’s capital and largest city. You will get the vibrant and attractive scenes and it’s a special combination of nature experiences and modern city life. The city offers you admirable and beautiful architecture, enjoy a large multitude of restaurants, bars, and cafes, a vibrant nightlife, a medley of cultural institutions, breathtaking views of the seas and mountains and mind-blowing nature scenes.


This is a place you should definitely visit while in Norway. The place is famous for curling, skating, sleigh rides, 300 miles of Nordic ski trails, and alpine ski centers. There are endless winter activities that you can enjoy at Lillehammer, Norway’s best-known year-round and mesmerizing tourist destinations.


Geirangerfjord offers the finest and best scenery in Norway. The falls and the views of the surrounding mountains are simply breathtaking. Geirangerfjord is the falls that mostly covers country’s most spectacular views.

Arctic Circle

Arctic Circle is one of the most popular tourist attractions and the second one is its Midnight Sun and it is the impressive sight and experience. During the summer months, the whole atmosphere and latitudes see endless days when the sun doesn’t set.  The whole sky gets alive with glowing coronas, spectacular bluish arcs of light and shimmering curtains of radiance that are spread over the sky.

Norway is definitely one of the most beautiful countries in the world to visit. It offers you exploration, adventure, and peaceful holiday package. Just add Norway to the list of your Holiday destinations.